The Russian foreign Ministry called false US claims of Libyan currency


www.vsyako.netPhoto: MFA of Russia / Global Look Press

The Russian foreign Ministry disproved the accusations of the USA in the manufacture of “fake” Libyan dinars “Goznak”. This is stated in the statement of the foreign Ministry.

The Russian enterprise “Goznak” has signed a contract to print Libyan money in 2015 with the head of the Central Bank of Libya, approved by Parliament. Shipment of printed Bank notes were sent to Tobruk. The foreign Minister noted that Libya currently, there are two Central banks in the current diarchy. One of them is in Tripoli, where is the internationally recognized Government of national consensus, the other in Benghazi, the head of which was appointed by the Libyan Parliament, and he therefore has the necessary international legitimacy.

On this basis, Moscow called “fake American statements, not Libyan dinars”. The foreign Ministry recalled that Russia supports the initiative to end the fratricidal conflict and the establishment of a new unified authorities of the country.

Previously, on 30 may on the website of the US state Department reported that the Maltese government seized a shipment of counterfeit Libyan currency worth $ 1.1 billion. The customer, according to the US, made a kind of illegitimate organization, not the Central Bank of Libya. The state Department also accused Russia of exacerbating the economic problems of Libya.

Russia officially prints the currency for other countries to order their Central Bank of Libya, the relevant operations are carried out in 2016. Banknote orders parallel government in Tobruk, but the national consensus government (NTC), sitting in Tripoli and recognized by the UN, has not declared the money outside the law.

The United States consider Russia one of the parties to the Libyan conflict. According to Washington, Moscow has supported the Libyan national army field Marshal Khalifa the Haftarot, sending military equipment. Army of Haftarot controls most of Libya against NTC forces.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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