The U.S. threatened to send troops to Africa because of Russia


www.vsyako.netGeneral Stephen Tausendfach: AFRICOM

USA can send to Tunisia for more troops, including from-for actions of Russia in North Africa, said the head of Africa command of the Armed forces of the United States Stephen Townsend. About it reports a press-Department service.

According to the General, Washington concerned about the security in the region because “Russia fanning the flames of the Libyan conflict.” U.S. studying possible responses, among which discusses the use of the brigade, added Townsend.

May 26 Africa command of the armed forces of the United States has formally accused Russia in the transfer of its aircraft in Libya. The us military indicated that this country was relocated several MiG-29 and su-24, and published several photos. In the Pentagon assert that the aircraft will be used by Russian mercenaries to support the Libyan national army (LNA) field Marshal Khalifa the Haftarot.

The Kremlin and the Russian defense Ministry this information is not commented in the state Duma and the Federation Council said that these information are false. The representative of the Libyan national army, called the strange publications of the American army, and promised that in the near future, the LDF will deliver a special statement on the subject.

In Libya, where a civil war between the army and the Haftarot forces recognized by the UN national consensus government, acts of the arms embargo imposed by the UN Security Council. There are numerous cases of violation of the ban: weapon parties to the Libyan conflict passed Turkey, UAE, Egypt and other countries.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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