The wife left, who killed black man in the US, police


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The wife fired a police officer involved in the arrest of black men in Minneapolis, USA, and Odoevskogo it, Kelly Chauvin said about divorce. On Saturday, may 30, according to the law firm of Law Offices Sekula on the page in Facebook.

According to the office, the wife of Derek Shovana feels “disgusting and depressed” after he died 46-year-old security guard George Floyd, detained her husband in Minneapolis. She said words of sympathy to relatives of the deceased.

It is also noted that the woman asked about the safety of her family in the beginning of the protests in the United States.

Earlier it became known that the President of the United States Donald trump called the terrible actions of the police in the apprehension of Floyd, because of whose death started a riot in the city. He also said that he was watching the clashes of protesters with the members of the Secret service, which began on the night of may 30 in front of the White house.

Floyd was arrested on may 25 near the grocery store. He allegedly paid with a fake cheque. Law enforcement officers dragged him from the car and laid on the pavement, one of them roughly crushed citizen with his knee, and he does not resist and began to complain that he can’t breathe. In a short time the prisoner died from strangulation. Four police officers fired after the incident.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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