Biden was more popular than trump


www.vsyako.netJoe Bidentata: Joe Biden / AP

The most likely candidate from the US Democratic party in the upcoming elections, former us Vice-President Joe Biden was more popular than his opponent, the incumbent U.S. leader Donald trump. This is evidenced by polling data, the Washington Post and ABC News.

Thus, Biden voted 53 percent of respondents, and the rating of trump was 43 percent. However, if we consider only the category of voters ready to go to the polls, the rating of the Biden will be reduced twice.

On the eve it was reported that trump will win in the upcoming elections with a probability of 91 percent. Such calculations have led a Professor at the University of stony brook Helmut Norpoth (Helmut Norpoth), which predicted a victory for trump in 2016. According to Norpoth, trump will receive 362 votes.

The United States presidential election is scheduled for November 3. Presumably, the Republican party will be elected, the incumbent President Donald trump, the Democrats will support Joe Biden.

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