Former lead singer of “dirty rotten scoundrels” went to work in a taxi because of the lack of money


www.vsyako.netIgor Bogomazov: garik_bogomazov / Instagram

The former soloist of group “Otpetye Moshenniki” Igor Bogomazov went to work in a taxi due to lack of money. About it reports the edition StarHit.

As writes the edition, the musician refuses to pay alimony to ex-wife. In addition, his sister secretly privatized apartments parents in St. Petersburg and is going through court to strike brother with a six-month nephew from the list of tenants.

“Igor is now forced to work as a taxi driver. You know how artists suffered because of the economic problems in the country,” said a friend of Yuriy Bogomazov. He also explained that the artist deliberately started a rumour about problems in the relationship with her sister, to earn money for participation in programs on television.

Earlier in mass media appeared information that the Russian artist Sergei Glushko (Tarzan) complained about the lack of money during the period of self-isolation of coronavirus. It was argued that Glushko wondered why the Russian authorities do not help artists, giving preference to seniors and doctors. After that, he and his wife, singer Natasha Koroleva was offered a job in a taxi. After Glushko on “monstrous” the status of artists due to coronavirus complained about the Russian producer Joseph Prigogine.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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