In India, after three years of arrest of freed Pakistani pigeon spy



Police in India have released from-under arrest of Pakistani pigeon, who was suspected of spying. The bird flew through disputed border between the two countries that India was eventually considered an attempt of surveillance, writes the Toronto Sun.

The survey of the feathered police found nothing suspicious. It is noted that the dove was originally a Pakistani fisherman. However, it is unknown which way he was released and returned to the owner.

“It’s just an innocent bird,” said the owner of dove Habibullah. He urged the citizens of India to return the bird to him, not to give it to the police.

Concerns of local residents called the number written on the leg of the feathered. It was assumed that it is a secret code intended for militants operating in the disputed territory. Habibullah says that the dove has participated in the bird race and the numbers on his leg is the phone number of the owner.

It is noted that this type of gambling very popular in the border villages and occasionally birds with one party or another lost.

Dove was arrested in October 2016. It was reported that his foot was attached to a threatening letter signed by members of the banned in Russia Islamist group “Lashkar-e-Taiba”.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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