Muscovites promised service for appeal of fines for violation of isolation


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Shamil Zhumatov / Reuters

Moscow residents will be able to appeal the penalties for violation of the regime of self-isolation with the help of online service, said head of the main oversight Directorate Yevgeny Danchikov. According to him, the platform is based on the website of the mayor and government of Moscow will earn in the first half of June, reports TASS.

Citizens who mistakenly ticketed will be able to take a personal part in his appeal, citing the protection of evidence. Access to special video service will be available on the closed link.

Notes that apply, to appeal the fine, Muscovites already now. In the case where a citizen can present an unconditional proof of his innocence with the help of certificate or document, this fact is checked by inspectors. “In this case, participation in the discussion or “videobalance” spending makes no sense. Confirm and cancel the penalty, such a practice in Moscow is already implemented”, — concluded the head of the main oversight Directorate.

The capital’s residents have repeatedly complained about “Social monitoring” to use the citizens coronavirus and SARS symptoms to indicate their location. So, the Russian woman Irina Karabulatova recorded a video message in which he told that year didn’t leave the house because of a disability, she was diagnosed with SARS, but because of the inability to install the app on your phone it was fined in four thousand. Other Russians spoke about the assessed fines in the amount of 24 thousand despite the fact that it complies with the isolation of illness.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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