Named the reason of accident of the helicopter of Russian air force


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The consequence considers technical malfunction as one of the main versions of wreck of helicopter Mi-8 of Air and space forces (VKS) Russia on Chukotka. A reason for the disaster called the newspaper “Kommersant” a source in the VCS.

According to the publication, the crew, sent from Khabarovsk military unit, may 26, tested the engine after maintenance. The work was to verify the anti-icing system, and replacement of the plug of one of the blades of the rotor.

The helicopter lifted off the pad and immediately hit the ground and caught fire. “The crew started the engine on the ground. Testing of the engine was separated from the land with some spin and subsequent fall on the right side”, — said the interlocutor of the newspaper.

The disaster killed four people. According to the source, is the crew commander, pilot first class captain Igor Kononov, the pilot-the Navigator the senior Lieutenant Roman Sultanov, vehicle technician captain Paul Lagunov and ground technician helicopter Kirill Balashov.

Another source of “Kommersant” stressed that all the circumstances of the incident will clear data from the flight recorder and the instrument check flight parameters. They found and analyzed by professionals.

This is the second in may of this year, the emergency involving military Mi-8 in Russia. May 19, another Mi-8 HQs made a hard landing in the suburban area of the Wedge when performing a training flight without ammunition. According to preliminary information, the helicopter crashed due to technical malfunction. On Board were three people, they all died.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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