Passengers called the danger of the departure of the Shoe


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The flight attendants and the pilots advised the passengers not to remove their shoes during the flight. The reasons for such a recommendation they opened Express.

So, the author of books about security, Ben Sherwood recalled that 80 percent of all accidents occur within the first three minutes of flight or in the last eight minutes before landing. In this regard, you must be prepared for rapid evacuation, which will be uncomfortable for passengers without shoes. Flight attendant Qatar Airways said that the shoes are stacked on the passage or range, can slow down the evacuation.

Anonymous pilot working for a major airline, recommended to choose the flight comfortable shoes. “God forbid an emergency happen and you have to leave the plane, which can burn or stand in the mud in flip-flops”, — he said.

The employees of the airlines said that another reason why passengers should not take off your shoes in flight. “Please, never go to the bathroom barefoot, I’m telling you that in nine cases out of ten the liquid on the floor is not water,” wrote a flight attendant on the forum.

In February, netizens have listed the most annoying habits of tourists at the airport and aircraft. Among the irritants was the smell of food, screaming and kicking the back seat children, barefoot passengers, too sharp smell of perfume from a neighbor and applause when boarding the plane.

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