Prigogine Shnurov accused of fomenting revolution


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Producer Joseph Prigogine accused the musician Sergei Shnurov of fomenting revolution. He stated this in an interview with radio station “Moscow speaking” on Sunday, may 31.

“I wrote to him all that I think about it. Impunity, lack of principle gives rise to what we face today. Such things lead to revolution. They ignite the fire, the fire of hatred, fire of anger in the context of a pandemic”, — said Prigogine.

The producer stressed that he is not concerned about negative comments on the Internet, explaining that “immune to the haters”. He also called degenerates those who write such messages.

“I don’t have to those who arranged this persecution, to report. There is a special competent legal bodies that have the necessary information,” explained Prigogine, adding that he is not going to disclose information about their income during a pandemic. With this proposal, it asked the users of the network.

Previously the producer told about the plight of artists during a pandemic coronavirus. He was convicted singer Sergei Shnurov and dedicated his obscene poem.

Prigogine has promised that his meeting with Shnurov “will end, not exactly a handshake,” and also demanded the artist’s apology to his wife, singer Valeria. Later Cords summarized the dispute by saying that most Russian artists is not aimed at the listener, and people who allocate budgetary money. “Explain the concept: if you “star”, and your “producer” with relationships, the basic checkout you do not concerts for the tickets, and all sorts of “town days”. For their money on these “show” no go,” explained the musician.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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