Taktarov has compared American police officers with the Russian


www.vsyako.netOleg Taktarova: MISHA JAPARIDZE / AP

A former fighter of the mixed style (MMA) fighter and actor Oleg Taktarov commented on the unrest in the United States, which was triggered by the murder of police George Floyd. The words of ex-athlete results Sport24.

52-year-old Taktarov admitted that he knew about the brutality of American police. “In law enforcement are those who have certain problems and disorders. Such people suppress the urge to sadism. They go to the police to press the trigger of the gun” — he said.

In addition, Taktarov has compared American police officers with their Russian colleagues. In his opinion, the law enforcement officers in the United States more rights.

Dozens of U.S. cities covered protests, which began after the death of Floyd. Authorities said that any clashes with the police or threats to law enforcement will be regarded as acts of domestic terrorism.

Floyd died shortly after rough arrest by the police in Minneapolis. His death resulted in protests across the country.

Taktarov is known for his performances in the ultimate fighting championship (UFC) in the 1990’s. the Russians had lived a long time in the US, where after a fighting career began acting in films.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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