The Russian doctor told me about the main cause of dependence on nicotine



Smoking habit, usually due to behavioral stereotypes. From them it is most difficult to get rid of tobacco depend, said Director of the Institute of narcological health of the nation Oleg Zykov. His words, reports RT.

“To change the way of thinking and behavior to change behavior patterns can be difficult. As a rule, there is the willingness and ability to quit Smoking”, — said the expert. He added that block the withdrawal syndrome from addiction is not so difficult, how to overcome myself psychologically.

First of all, said Zykov, need to analyze the behavior of the smoker and then work out whether the common stereotypes about Smoking in the company, or Smoking after meals on the behavior of the dependent. In order not to succumb to such temptations, must be internal stimuli. If a person really wants to quit, he will find excuses, says the doctor.

According to the physician, this applies not only to smokers, but also people with any form of addiction.

Earlier it was reported that a member of the Duma Committee on health protection, the psychiatrist, the psychiatrist Boris Mendelevich proposed to include treatment for nicotine dependence in insurance. According to him, in the world Smoking is considered a disease, so addicted people should be treated accordingly.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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