The trainer to the stars has revealed easiest way to get a toned body in isolation



Star fitness trainer Svava Cyberdoctor, who was the mentor model Sookie Waterhouse, actress Amanda Holden and singer Nicole Scherzinger, has revealed easiest way to obtain a toned body, despite the isolation and the temporary closure of fitness centers. This writes The Mirror.

Cyberdoctor has developed a special card for sports called the Mobility Card. She claims that the exercise, which will train all muscle groups, do not have to be difficult and exhausting. It can be simple, but very effective.

The set looks like the game includes 49 cards with tips on how to perform the exercises. All exercises are divided into five groups, these include, for example, ideas for warm-UPS before sports and ideas for stretching after a workout. “You can get exercise for the whole body, and you do not even have to think,” she explained. Also such a way to keep fit suitable for older people, who may not have money for classes with a fitness instructor.

Svava Cyberdoctor gave advice about how to motivate yourself to exercise. She offered to start training with special exercises. “Stand with your legs shoulder width apart, straighten your chest and place your hands on your hips. Lift the chin up and tell yourself that you are strong and capable,” she said. According to her, this exercise allows you come in the right state of mind.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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