Named the best country in the world for investment in housing


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The best countries for investment in housing in 2020 was Colombia, Montenegro and Bulgaria. To such conclusion experts of the company of Remote Ventures.

The experts also called Hungary, Chile, Panama, Malaysia, Costa Rica, Latvia and Nicaragua. The ranking of the best countries for investments in real estate are Uruguay, Malta, Cyprus, Turkey, Ecuador, Belize, Cambodia, Portugal, Spain, Greece. Completing the top 25 Mexico, Morocco, the Dominican Republic and Barbados.

To evaluate such indicators as GDP growth, cost of living, the difficulty of obtaining visa, residence permit or citizenship, the rate of the local currency against the dollar, housing prices, the yield from rent, the tax rate on capital gains and income, additional costs for purchase of real estate, housing legislation, the number of foreign tourists (potential renters), the growth of tourism, political stability and the level of legal regulation.

The best estimate for the low cost of living in the country received Columbia. It is followed by Morocco, Turkey, Mexico and Bulgaria. From the point of view of favorable exchange rates, the greatest opportunity for buyers also opens up Colombia, then Chile, Brazil, Uruguay and Turkey. The lowest property prices was recorded in Nicaragua, Ecuador, Morocco, Montenegro and Costa Rica.

Earlier experts named countries of Europe with the closest housing is Romania (46.3 per cent of the population live in overcrowded houses), Latvia (43.4 per cent), Bulgaria (41.6%), Croatia (39.3%) and Poland (39.2 percent).

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