In the US the owner of the gun store was shot by robbers


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In Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, a gun shop owner 67-year-old Greg Isabella (Isabella Greg) prevented the robbery and shot the attackers from a semiautomatic AR-15 rifle. On Tuesday, June 2, reports Fox News.

According to 67-year-old man, early in the morning he saw on the security cameras as the four unknown removed the lock and entered the store. The host institution immediately armed themselves and went to meet them, and as soon as the thieves noticed it and sent them the rifle. Isabella shot one robber, a second wounded in the shoulder, two others escaped.

The man said that the day before, someone also tried to enter the store through the back door, but the intruders did not work on the door left a dent and scratch from scrap.

Law enforcement agencies began checking on the fact of what happened. In addition, the police Department received a call from a local hospital and reported the man suffered from a gunshot wound. It is specified that it is likely involved in the robbery.

31 may it was reported that a fireman from Minneapolis corboy Points (Korboi Balla) lost my lifelong dream — their own sports bars, the opening of which was scheduled for June. The man was on the next change, when I learned from the news that the building which houses his new business project, was completely burnt due to protests.

In the US, the riots began after may 25 in Minneapolis a police officer during the arrest strangled a black man. Authorities said that any clashes with the police or threats to law enforcement will be regarded as acts of domestic terrorism. In Oakland, California member of the Federal security service of the United States was shot and killed during the riots.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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