Stuck in Thailand, the Russians said about the hit in prison



From Thailand evacuated Russian tourist, who was jailed during a pandemic coronavirus. This was announced by the editor of the group “Pattaya from A to z” in Facebook and volunteer Svetlana Sherstoboeva.

In the post she wrote about a telephone conversation with a tourist after his release. 58-year-old Alexander Yakushin arrived in Thailand on February 16 and had to return home on the night of March 18. However, two days before that, he was arrested for allegedly stealing food in the supermarket.

“My Thai friends went to the store, bought a lot of things, but have paid not at all. I don’t know how it happened. Thai had disappeared, and the sellers called the police and issued me a shortage of 180 baht (360 rubles). I immediately returned the money, but the police revoked my visa. I couldn’t believe my ears! But I was put in an iron funnels, and I was in immigration jail,” said Yakushin.

Sherstoboeva noted that he learned about the situation of the tourist at the end of may and contacted journalists from Novorossiysk, from where came the tourist. In parallel, the group announced the collection of funds for payment of fines and return men home. But in the end Yakushin “flew at public expense”.

“The government of the Krasnodar region, learning about the suffering of Novorossia not left behind. The Governor gave instructions to consider the issue of Finance for the rescue Yakushina from prison. To be honest, I’m not too believed in the success of this enterprise: to obtain all the signatures within a couple days, contact the state Services for the tickets it was science fiction. But the authorities have time!” — posted by administrator Russian community in Thailand.

In her words, “rescue” was attended by over 70 people, including volunteers, journalists, employees of the consular Department of the Russian Embassy in Thailand and Krasnodar officials. The result of Alexander Yakushin included in the list to export the flight, and on 30 may, he returned to Russia.

According to the newspaper “Novorossiysk worker”, now the man is in the suburban Observatory and “slowly returning to life.” He can fly to his hometown after a two-week quarantine.

Earlier it was reported that stranded in Thailand, the Russians settled in a Buddhist temple. 25-year-old Ivan couldn’t fly home due to the cancellation of flights in connection with the coronavirus pandemic, and it sheltered the monks by providing food and shelter.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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