Sunburn a strange shape on the feet of men ridiculed in the network


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Lewis Reed

Refused to use sunscreen Briton Lewis reed (Lewis Reed) showed burns a strange shape on his body. Posts in social networks has drawn the attention of journalists Metro.

27-year-old Reid has posted photos of his charred legs in Twitter account. “When people ask me why I want to sit in the shade, I show them these pictures,” he wrote.

According to reed, in a Sunny day, he went with his mother for a picnic on Brighton beach and have neglected sunscreen, saying that he is “not a fan of sticky creams”. However, later regretted his decision because his legs were bright red and covered with blisters.

Tweet the British became viral and got more than 33 thousand likes. Netizens ridiculed the photo burns, comparing them with a pink-and-white candy manufacturer Drumstick. Reid also reacted with humor and appreciated the joke of subscribers.

“On the beach I felt no burning, and therefore did not suspect that so much will burn” — he said. Subsequently, admitted Reid, he was forced to treat the burns with aloe Vera gel for a few weeks. Line sun did not go with his skin for several months.

In may model Kim Graham (Francis Graham) got burns all over my body due to the explosion of bottles of suntan oil. According to the victim, she burned wood in her yard and did not notice that tool was fire. In the accident of the breast and face was covered with blisters and redness.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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