Apple has blocked stolen during the protests in the US iPhone


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Tom Pennington / Getty Image

Apple locks the phones, stolen by looters during the riots in the United States. It is reported by CNN.

Stolen gadgets comes a message that the device is tracked, and the location information will be transmitted to the authorities. The owner offered to return the device in a particular store, then it is stolen iPhone stops working.

In a number of cities in the United States continues looting and looting shops amid the riots. A native of Russia described events in new York city as “the night of the big robbery goblins”. According to him, in the evening on the streets of the city can be found only robbers, cops and quite a bit ordinary people.

Protests swept dozens of US cities. Demonstrators against police brutality because of the death in Minneapolis of a black man, George Floyd. He died as a result of rough arrest: police officer used against him in a rear naked choke. Protests throughout the country turned violent, has killed at least 11 people. Authorities said that any clashes with the police and threats to security forces will be regarded as acts of domestic terrorism.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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