The owner of the longest fingernails in the world spoke about their loss


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American Lee Redmond (Lee Redmond), which was in the Guinness Book of records because of nails with a total length of 8.6 meters, spoke about their loss. It is reported portal Mirror.

According to Redmond, she lost the nail during a car accident. The record holder was sitting in the passenger seat when the car crashed into three other vehicles. “The first thing I noticed is a nail. Then I started to cry,” she shared.

The character of the material collected all the parts of the nails on the scene in a plastic bag, and now keeps it as a reminder of former glory. “I had to accept this fact, because there’s nothing I could change. They became part of my identity and I felt like I lost a part of himself,” said Redmond.

It is noted that the American still holds the record of the longest fingernails in the world, but it does not retain the current achievement, which belongs to Anne Williams (Ayanna Williams).

In June the master of the Russian Sunny Nail salon got her nails done in the form of kebab and surprised users. So, from tin cans a specialist made a small grill, the legs of which was attached to the nails. In addition, from scrap vehicles were manufactured pan, mini-skewers strung with the synthetic vegetables and meat. “I hate these designs,” wrote one of the users.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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