Victim of punitive psychiatry, the Russians reported about the illegal detention


www.vsyako.netPsychiatric hospital on the farm Cukurova of Balcatta:

A resident of the village Staroshcherbinovskaya (Krasnodar Krai), Maxim Sokolov, who considers himself a victim of punitive psychiatry (“” in detail told his story), arrested by the police. About Sokolov said “the” on Thursday, June 4.

According to him, the detention is illegal. Around 15:00 on the street Sokolov was stopped by a patrol crew. Police said he is the worst offender, because it does not fulfill the court’s decision of March 3, 2020 — about putting him in a psychiatric hospital for compulsory treatment.

“No document or order, with the decision about my arrest or delivery anywhere have not shown me. The decision about excitation of Executive manufacture by court decision no. To move around the region is not possible — quarantine,” — said Sokolov.

The mother of the detained said that police called an ambulance and force pushed the activist into the car, saying that he was going to a psychiatric hospital on the farm Cukurova Beam near the village of Kushchevskaya.

Maxim Sokolov — 28-the summer local civic activist. He wrote complaints to higher bodies, requiring local authorities to performance of their duties: repair of roads and sidewalks, trimming branches covering road signs and arrangement of street lighting.

Problems the activist began when he suspected him of pedophilia and outlined his views in a letter to law enforcement agencies. It brought a criminal case on libel and insulting the authorities and sent to a psychiatric examination at a local regional hospital, where Sokolov was diagnosed with schizotypal personality disorder. A steel base including frequent treatment of the activist to the authorities.

Independent experts, lawyers and psychiatrists believe that the examination carried out with violations, and a room in the hospital is illegal and dangerous to his life. The detention of activist was four days after the publication of his interview on “the”.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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