A witness in the case of the gang’s main Hitman of Russia said about the kidnapping of the son


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Russian lawyer Konstantin Skrypnik, who is a witness in the case of the gang’s main Hitman of Russia Aslan Gagieva (Jacko), said that his son Eugene was kidnapped by unknown. On Sunday, June 7, Baza said in your Telegram-channel.

According to the newspaper, the family was in a country house in the Moscow region. On June 5, the teen left the house for a walk, then disappeared and stopped returning calls. Skrypnik during the day did not know that his son and could not contact him.

The lawyer said that the teenager is usually not delayed, but if not, then calls up their parents and says she’ll be back later. Skrypnyk went to the police with a statement about the disappearance of her son and told him about the threats received on his phone.

According Baza, law enforcement found Eugene on Sunday morning “related, but alive.” He was in a field near Noginsk. According to the teenager, he was held hostage for 36 hours in a dark place, similar to a technical closet or basement. While Eugene was handcuffed, so he couldn’t run away and hide from the kidnappers.

Police also found a note with threats from the unknown. What was written there, was not disclosed. The teenager’s father explained what happened that he is a witness in the criminal case of a gang of Aslan Gagieva.

On 4 June it was reported that Konstantin Skrypnik told the FSB about him of incoming threats. He said that his 17-year-old son Eugene began to come SMS with the text: “Tell the father, if he doesn’t shut his mouth Boev [name of one of the investigators on the case], then shut up forever”. In addition, was applied and a photograph of the main Hitman of the gang Jacko — Ruslan Yurt, who is now in jail.

Skrypnikov belonged to the Moscow hotel “Art Hotel”, which the gang Gagieva was used as a headquarters, so the man was witness to many meetings of the bandits. During the investigation, he gave damning testimony against the militants, Jacko.

According to investigators, Aslan Gagiev created the group in 2007. Its membership consisted of about 30 people who made a number of high-profile murders in Moscow and North Ossetia.

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