Guzeeva replied criticizing it for the lack of masks and called them idiots


www.vsyako.netPhoto: @_larisa_guzeeva_

TV presenter Larissa guzeyeva said subscribers, who criticized her for appearing in public without masks. In a post on Instagram she called them assholes and idiots, and advised them to “keep your hands to yourself”.

“I’m patient as hell, but idiots to tolerate forces and no desire. Before anyone burns hat most of these assholes, and start to pour the questions: why not wear a mask, why dress like that and why you age, but not for me. Keep yourself in hand, otherwise you’ll get sick,” wrote Guzeeva.

He also thanked the subscribers for their kindness and love, and wrote that “the ban is going in one asshole”. The artist accompanied the post with a few pictures where there is no medical mask.

Since the beginning of the pandemic Guzeeva has repeatedly criticized the Russians for violations of measures of self-isolation. So, in late March, she Mat cursed the people who went on walks. Later in the program “Let them talk” she stated that the residents of Moscow continued to walk the streets, despite the introduction of the city’s access mode. Guzeeva considered this a result of what happened in the country of debilitation.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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