The Americans have promised police reform after mass protests


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The mayor of new York bill de Blasio promised that American police will be reformed after the country’s ongoing unrest over the death of African American George Floyd. It is reported by RIA Novosti.

So, according to him, planned to divert part of the funding of the police to work with young people. As an example, de Blasio led programmes pre-school education and further education in schools.

“[There is] a multitude of initiatives to reach young people, and in close cooperation and partnership with the city Council, we focused on summer youth employment. We need to do much more for our young people,” said the mayor, adding that the youth should not be subjected to police action — it needs to get through.

“We will transfer funding from the new York police Department on youth initiatives and social services. Details will be worked out during the budget process in the coming weeks. But I want people to understand that we seek to redeploy resources to focus on our youth,” he stressed.

De Blasio also said that the process of attracting police officers to disciplinary responsibility must become more transparent.

Mass protests started in Minneapolis and other U.S. cities after the death of the African-American George Floyd, who died a few hours after the arrest with force. The shares are accompanied by vandalism, looting and attacks on police. American officials said that any clashes with the police and threats to security forces will be regarded as acts of domestic terrorism.

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