The first channel has replaced the titles of “Brother 2” protests in the U.S. the song “goodbye America”


www.vsyako.netThe frame: the film “Brother 2”

The first channel on Sunday, June 7, showed the film “Brother 2” Alexey Balabanov. The final credits of the film was replaced by video of protests in the United States. The snippet is available on YouTube.

Footage of the riots were broadcast by the song “goodbye, America” the group “Nautilus Pompilius”. The first channel showed a video in which rioters in the US smash Windows and overturn cars, and law enforcement officers move into the crowd and beat the protesters.

In dozens of U.S. cities and other countries for several days, held a protest against police brutality because of the death in Minneapolis of a guard of George Floyd in the rough arrest. In some cases, demonstrations are accompanied by riots, clashes with police, looting, looting and riots. During the protests, 11 people were killed.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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