The young man spent years posing as a student and entangled in lies


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The Briton a few years cheated on others and pretending to be a student at Birmingham University. Its history and the fact that he is so entangled in lies that he did not know what to do, he shared in the group for anonymous confessions from University students in Facebook.

The author of the post said that in 2017, not went to University, but decided not to talk about strict parents because of fear of their reaction. He made a fake letter on the receipt and went to study, hoping in future to disclose the fraud. “Over time, however, I go deeper and deeper into his lie,” stated the guy.

He lived with other students, pretending to be their classmate. The Briton was easily able to get into University, he went to lectures and found new friends, none of them suspected anything was wrong. Difficulties arose when he had to explain to friends why he does not go to the exams: a young man came up with that meets with teachers in the classroom because of their increased anxiety. In addition, he was very afraid of the appearance of the parents at the prom, but because of the coronavirus party was canceled.

“I am so tangled in his lies that you’re thinking of running to another country”, confessed fake graduate. According to him, now he’s lying to parents that can’t find work in their specialty because of the pandemic. The British asked other users of the Board. “Should I enter a fake degree in my resume? I know their specialty, as I read books and talked with classmates. It is unlikely that the company will very carefully check the veracity of my diploma and will be able to know that he is fake. If someone knows which checks are satisfied, the employer, please help,” asked the young man to the subscribers of the group.

In comments to the British advised not to lie on resume, as it will emerge in the future. Rob Francis (Rob Francis) advised the guy to start everything from the beginning and enroll in another University. Many also expressed that the author of the post was not an engineer and not medic. Some refused to believe in the truthfulness of history “student” and recognized it as a fake.

Earlier, a Reddit user told about how a few months have kept a secret about the cheating lover of his aunt. In the end, the young man revealed the secret and destroyed relationships in my family.

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