A student complained about stivsevo orgies teacher and launched an investigation


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20-year-old student told about the launch of the investigation in respect of teachers that do release obscene jokes in her address. The girl complained to him after the 50-year-old man said he was thinking about it when watching porn with lesbian Orgy. The author of the post under the name Cupcake_From_Hell11 on Reddit asked users to evaluate the correctness of actions by many considered this step correct, and the behavior of the teacher is obscene.

According to the girl, since September 2019 she weekly took a cooking class. The teacher is a very friendly man, but his sense of humor was ambiguous: the man often made fun of her and the other girls from the group, using sexual innuendos.

The author of the post did not pay attention to the humor throughout the year. However, during the last session he called the girl to him and as a joke said that friend sent him a video that reminded of her. Then he showed this video — it was porn with lesbian Orgy. The student admitted that he was shocked and confused, but laughed at the video and said nothing.

According to Cupcake_From_Hell11, from the incident, she felt humiliated and couldn’t sleep. She called the employee courses and asked to arrange a meeting with the teacher where she witnesses told him that he crossed the border. However, in relation to men immediately began an internal investigation. “Now it will be a problem for me, although I wanted to just give him a warning,” shared student and asked Reddit users that he was right.

Many supported the girl. “50-year-old man must know that show student porn this is no joke,” wrote Gangster-napper, and added that it didn’t create problems to the teacher, and himself. “He deserves it. He deals with the harassment of female students, but he got away with it”, — said Elenacgi. A user with the nickname havealaugh16 noticed that it is not necessary to pay the teacher who watches porn during class.

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