Athlete from the United Arab Emirates was disqualified for 20 years for cruelty to horses



A rider from the UAE Abdul Aziz al Qasimi, disqualified by the International equestrian Federation (FEI) for 20 years for cruelty to horses. It is reported by Inside the Games.

Horse athlete drugged in 2016 after open fracture of the right limbs on the competition in equestrian is not in France. The autopsy revealed that the horse was systematically injected an illegal drug that has an analgesic effect but does increase the risk of serious animal injuries.

Representatives of the al-Qasimi tried to prove that the substance is used only for euthanasia, but FEI has proved that the injection caused the fracture, which led to the death of the horse.

The 20-year disqualification of the rider from the UAE reached a record high in the history of equestrian sport. In addition, the al Qasimi, have to pay a fine in the amount of 29.5 million euros. In FEI said that such a decision should warn all athletes from abuse with horses.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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