Called the boar Belarusian oppositionist guarantee Lukashenko’s safety


www.vsyako.netValery Cephalopoda: @tsepkalo.official

The candidate for the post of President of Belarus Valery Tsepkalo said he was willing to guarantee Alexander Lukashenko safety after his departure from the post of the head of state. He told this in an interview with Youtube channel “the Barents”.

According to the oppositionist, the first President has the right to a normal life. “It would be worth to leave one of his residences, where he would grow potatoes, watermelons, cows, something that in principle he likes. Could be a lecturer, if he wished, could have business to do,” reflected Tsepkalo about the future of Lukashenko after the current head of state compared it with the boar.

The politician added that any President, the outgoing should lead the life of a normal citizen. “Maybe the government could ensure its protection — one or two people. Because not all people liked the way he manages the government”, — said Tsepkalo and added that “a little bit” security should be left Lukashenko with the aim to avoid physical violence.

The opposition leader stressed that Belarus should become a normal civilized country. Tsepkalo said that the new government of the Republic will have to take into account the global practice, when the previous head of create normal conditions for life.

4 Jun Lukashenko has compared his potential opponent scheduled for August 9 presidential elections with a boar. He remembered the words Tsepkalo that once the head of state caused trust in the mother of the opposition leader with knowledge of how many piglets born from the sow. “He just doesn’t understand that the number of born piglets from sows and their quality does not depend on the sow. It also depends on the pig. And if a boar as this man, it will be stillborn piglets,” said Lukashenko.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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