Daughter in beating wives Marat Basharova made in support of it


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Daughter in beating wives actor Marat Basharova Amelie in the broadcast of “the Stars aligned” was made in support of it. A recording of the program posted on the YouTube channel of NTV.

“I want to say that my dad is just a great person, a great actor and a great dad,” said 15-year-old daughter Basharova. According to her, the artist of “flinging mud is not for the true story”.

The girl turned to the ex-spouse of the actor and urged to remember how much good was done for them by her father. “To hurt, to throw mud again. Why is it all necessary? Just be kind, be happy and live your life,” she said.

Earlier in the network appeared the petition with the requirement to deprive Basharova the title of honored artist of Tatarstan and the State prize of Russia for his confession in the beating of ex-wives. Currently, the appeal has collected more than 63 thousand signatures.

In early may, the ex-wife of artist Elizabeth Shevarkov said that he beat her in the third month of pregnancy. Then Shevarkov came to Germany, where my husband was touring. The artist got drunk, started to conflict with his wife and strangling her.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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