Elton John paid for the operation of his fiancée, 50 years after breakup


www.vsyako.netElton John Photo: Asatur Esync / Sputnik

British singer Elton John has provided financial assistance to his former bride 50 years after the breakup, writes The Sun.

Linda Hannon and Elton John met in 1968. Hannon supported the endeavours of the musician and helped him with money, but in 1970, shortly before the wedding, Elton John has decided to terminate the engagement.

Hannon appealed to the artist for help after 50 years. She needed surgery to replace my kneecap. However, women have not had the opportunity to take on the job five weeks for this. At Hannon was not the personal contacts of the musician, so she appealed to his representatives.

First, the woman long did not answer, but then this story was written in the media. According to representatives of Elton John, the singer, learning about the situation of the former bride, never for a moment doubted before to help her. The contractor paid the Hannon operation, and also assumed all the costs of recovery.

In June, in rolling out a film about the life of Elton John “Rocketman”. From the Russian version of the film disappeared episodes in which there are kisses and bed scenes with gays, and parts with drugs. In the company “Central partnership” engaged in the distribution of the film, said that the shots were cut “to correspond to the picture the legislation of the Russian Federation”. The musician criticized the decision, saying that the original version of the painting truly reflects his extraordinary life.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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