“Forever young” 62-year-old model revealed the secrets of its appeal


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62-year-old woman who often invited out on dates, young people, revealed the secret of its appeal. This publication reports the Daily Mail.

Sheila kiss (Sheila Kiss) in the English city of Birmingham lives in Bali. The woman began to lead a healthy lifestyle and exercise 32 years ago after the birth of her second child. At age 40 she began weightlifting and since then trains for two hours a day, six days a week. In 49 years, she discovered Bikram yoga and I’ve been involved in for 13 years, pervasis only after moving to Bali.

To 60 years kiss worked as a model in Australia. This experience developed her self-confidence. “Most of all I love the runway. I feel comfortable in front of an audience. It’s always fun to wear fancy stuff. They may not be your style, but you need to go so if you like them. I always remind myself that I paid for, so the thing looked nice and not asking me to buy it,” she explained.

Kiss said that never got into counting calories and allowed myself to eat whatever I want. “I’m not taking any supplements or protein and get all the nutrients from food. I can’t Express how wonderful it is to feel strong and healthy when you’re about 60 years — said the model. Never focused on weight and have not weighed, but wanted to keep the body in good shape. I do not consider lean body healthy. I would prefer to have a sporty, taut look.”

She won’t stop doing sports even on the move. “Even when we travel a lot and I don’t have access to the gym, I do power walking or Jogging, fill the drinking bottle with sand instead of a dumbbell,” said a resident of Bali.

Kiss said that the young fans, who, for 20 years, acting in her Instagram as if it were Tinder, and invite her out. The woman does not respond to such messages and removes them.

Earlier it was reported that the inhabitant of the American city of harrisburg, Pennsylvania, which is in high attention of men at the age of 53, revealed the secret of its appeal. She adheres to the Paleolithic diet, also known as the diet of cavemen.

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