Named the country with the most expensive real estate in the world


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Patrice Masante / Reuters

Monaco retains the status of a country with the world’s highest level of real estate prices, it follows from the analytical review prepared by the international real estate Agency Savills. The material is in the possession “of the”.

“The exclusivity of Monaco is unique, say analysts. Is one of the smallest countries on earth, only the Vatican is smaller, but Monaco is home to more millionaires than any other country. Celebrities, titans of industry, aristocrats and others of the global elite called the Principality of the house. Monaco’s attraction is unlimited.”

According to the observations of experts, demand for property of all types in Monaco, remains high, despite the pandemic coronavirus. The choice of objects in the country is severely constrained. The average square meter of housing here is more than 48 thousand euros (3.7 million rubles). In the area of Monte Carlo, the figure is 53 thousand euros (over 4 million).

“Only prices in Hong Kong compete for the title of most expensive real estate, — the Savills. Monaco and Hong Kong strongly limited available space and maintained a global reputation. Luxury real estate in new York costs twice cheaper than in Monaco, and in London and Paris is 60 and 68 percent cheaper, respectively.”

Analysts expect that in the foreseeable future, housing prices in Monaco will remain unchanged or rise slightly. However, the projected “slowdown” of transactions for the resale of objects, since “the world pauses to assess the situation.”

In March 2020, the Prince of Monaco albert II contracted the coronavirus. His condition did not cause concern, the Prince continued to work, being isolated from society.

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