Palestine decided not to give land to the monastery of the Russian Orthodox Church


www.vsyako.netThe monastery of the Holy Trinity in Chevroletto: Wikipedia

Palestinian court reversed the decision of the President Mahmoud Abbas to transfer land in the city of Hebron with the Orthodox monastery of the Holy Trinity Russian Orthodox Church (ROC). It is reported MAAN News.

It is noted that the High court of justice of Palestine decided to cancel the decision on the transfer of land Moskovii (Arabic name — approx. “Of the“) mission of the Russian Orthodox Church in Jerusalem. Thus, the Palestinians have revoked the decree of Abbas from 2017.

The basis for the court’s decision was the recognition of this land by the Waqf (the Muslim community belong to the inalienable property and assets — approx. “Of the”). It is known that the said territory in Hebron is the oak of Mamre, under which, according to the Bible, Abraham met God in the guise of the Holy Trinity.

8 April it was reported that Israel has suspended the transfer of promised Russia Alexander metochion in Jerusalem. The court of Jerusalem issued a temporary ban on the transfer of rights to Aleksandrovskoe farmstead due consideration of the claim against it. It served the Orthodox society of the Holy Land, which is registered in Munich, Germany.

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