Revealed details of the new centre for infectious diseases in Moscow


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Ilya Pitalev / RIA Novosti

In mid-April in the settlement of the Voronovo opened a new Moscow clinical center for infectious diseases. To date, it treated more than 200 patients with coronavirus infection. The details of the work of the centre website said the chief doctor of city clinical hospital named VP Demikhova Sergei Transitions.

According to the doctor, the medical center occupies an area of over 40 hectares and its capacity is 800 beds. “Of these, slightly less than half is bed resuscitation. In addition to four intensive care units, the center has seven infectious disease wards. Each — for 80 beds, in other words, we have 560 beds for the treatment of infectious patients. Chamber in the infectious ward can accommodate two or three people,” he said.

The physician told about the availability of the hostels in the medical center, which was built with the purpose of providing recreation professionals: “the Whole area of the centre divided into two zones: “clean” and “dirty”. In “pure” has a warehouse, security units and hostels for more than a thousand places for the medical staff and technical staff, protection”.

He noted a special logistics assistance for infectious patients. According to Perekhodova, it was designed by Russian specialists, but taking into account foreign experience. A distinctive feature is the treatment of patients in isolation to eliminate the spread of nosocomial infection.

According to the chief physician, the center is equipped with all necessary appliances. He noted the powerful diagnostic base, but also highlighted the presence of a large number of ventilators more than 200. Transitions also spoke about the Department of laboratory capacity up to 10 thousand tests per day: “full deployment can be performed more than three thousand PCR tests”.

Currently in a medical facility employs more than 600 people. “It is planned that the center will unfold at full capacity, it will employ more than a thousand people,” — said Transitions.

On the question about the number of patients with coronavirus infection coming into the centre every day, the doctor said that on average, it comes to 20 people: “Now in the center are treated only patients with COVID-19 and pneumonia”. He noted that as of June 4, filled with 213 beds. “While the number of patients with COVID-19, and pneumonia remains the same. Over a month we have treated nearly a thousand people,” — said the doctor.

Transitions also spoke about the future of the hospital. According to the doctor, after the end of the pandemic medical center and will continue to be used directly for its purpose — for the treatment of patients with various infectious diseases: “I am confident that it will work for many decades and operate quite successfully. All the preconditions for this”.

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