Russia predicted a quick victory over NATO after the withdrawal of US troops from Germany


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Michaela Rehle / Reuters

Russia will be able to win a quick victory over NATO after the decision of the President of the United States Donald trump of Germany will be withdrawn a part of the American troops. This development is predicted by Forbes magazine.

As the newspaper notes, after a significant withdrawal of American troops — 9,5 thousand from 34,5 thousand US troops — NATO’s Eastern boundaries will remain inadequately protected. Most vulnerable are the Baltic States — Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. As a result, Forbes says, if sooner, according to experts, the Russian military could require up to 60 hours to reach the suburbs of Tallinn and Riga, after the implementation of the decisions of the trump they can do it even faster.

So, according to Forbes, currently at the disposal of Russia, there are about 760 tanks, which if necessary can be quickly deployed to the borders of the Baltic States. NATO forces currently offer more than 130 tanks, stationed in the region, and about 90 of them are American. If the U.S. withdraws its tank battalions, European NATO allies will have nothing to oppose the Russian armored vehicles, and in the event of armed conflict, they will lose, despite the advantage in the air.

According to experts, to protect the Eastern border of the Alliance would deploy additional troops in the region — 30 battalions instead of the current 15, and new units must be equipped with heavy machinery capable of resisting the Russian tanks.

6 June, Donald trump announced the withdrawal of 9.5 thousand troops from Germany and the reduction in the total number of American troops in the country to 25 thousand people. In Germany the decision of the US President criticized, saying that such disputes within the Alliance will ultimately benefit Russia and China.

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