Russian police arranged a feast in a cafe despite the quarantine


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In the Krasnodar Krai law enforcement authorities are checking on the reason appeared on social networks with videos of Russian police, who arranged the feast in a cafe despite the quarantine. On Monday, June 8, reports “MK”.

According to the publication, a celebration was held June 5 — before the entry into force of the provisions on the mitigation of quarantine. The Creator of the video was presented by the employee of own security service. He noticed standing at the dining car, among whom were official police cars. Behind the Desk was a man in police uniform, who admitted that he is in the line.

According to the regional interior Ministry, in fact being tested. All the outdoor cafes in the Krasnodar region was opened on 6 June. Prior to that, the catering could only work to take away.

On 7 June it was reported that in Yekaterinburg, the police cordoned off the gay club because of reports about the secret party. In law enforcement authorities asked the unknown and reported that the school carried out of the LGBT party, despite the introduction in the region of mode isolation.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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