Saudi Arabia prepared to punish the disobedient


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Saudi Arabia, one of the main parties to the agreement OPEC+ reduction of oil production, prepared to punish the naughty countries that are not in compliance with its terms and commitments, according to Bloomberg. It will positively affect the future of the transaction.

The OPEC meeting+ June 6, the parties reached agreement on its renewal on July. Thus, the total period will be three months. Unlike previous meetings, this time to reach consensus managed easily, however this does not mean that contradictions did not, the authors write.

According to them, the main conflict played out during a meeting, but for a few days before. Saudi Arabia called to account, Iraq, Nigeria, Angola and Kazakhstan, not to carry out the terms of the transaction in may and June. The last tried to deny and defend, but eventually pleaded guilty and promised to make up for it with additional reductions beyond the agreed in April to July.

However, regardless of whether the current promises are made, Riyadh, in any case will turn the tide in their favor, as it will show the strength and readiness firmly to bring to justice any transgressor.

Earlier it became known that Saudi Arabia and its neighbors in the Persian Gulf refuses to voluntarily reduce oil production beyond the agreed within OPEC+ volumes in July. Concluded on 6 June, the agreement will be valid one month — until Aug.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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