Sobyanin announced the plan of lifting of restrictions in Moscow


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The mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin announced the plan of lifting of restrictions in Moscow. The corresponding statement he made on air of TV channel “Moscow 24”, which was broadcasted on YouTube.

So, from June 9 to cancel a mode of isolation, passes, trips on the schedule for everyone, including older people and people with chronic diseases. Earn social card, beneficiaries will once again be able to travel free on public transport. Opens Barber shops, beauty salons, veterinary clinics, employment agencies. Repealed restrictions for car-share, public organizations, film studios, recording studios and research institutes. Theatres, concert organisations and circuses allowed to conduct the rehearsal. You can also freely visit the cemetery.

From June 16 to earn summer terraces of cafes and restaurants and dentistry, resume library, rental services, advertising, consulting and other agencies, will open the museums, galleries, zoos.

23 Jun opens all the other cafes and restaurants, fitness clubs and swimming pools, playgrounds and benches in parks, in normal operation will return the institutions of social protection, resumed passenger navigation on the Moscow river.

The timing of the lifting of restrictions in Moscow may change. This will depend on the epidemiological situation, stated in the decree Sobyanin.

Mode of universal self-isolation worked in Moscow from March 30. It applies to all residents of the city regardless of age. Residents could leave the apartment only for seeking emergency medical help, travel to work, if they are required for her to venture out, visit nearby shops or pharmacies, as well as for walking Pets and taking out the garbage. The regime has not limited the right of citizens to enter the city and exit from it.

In recent days, Russia has identified 8 985 new cases of infection with coronavirus. New infected was recorded in 83 regions. Most of them are in Moscow (2001), Moscow region (751) and St. Petersburg (326). Died 112 patients with mers recovered — 3 957. The total number of infected in Russia exceeded 476 thousand.

Outbreak of pneumonia COVID-19 caused by a new type of coronavirus, was first recorded in December 2019 in Wuhan. On 11 March, the who announced that the situation can be characterized as a pandemic.

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