Speaking against racism Mark Wahlberg reminded of the criminal past


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Speaking against racism Mark Wahlberg reminded of his criminal past. In his Twitter account, the actor spoke about the negroe guard George Floyd, who died as a result of gross’s arrest.

“The murder of George Floyd heartbreaking. We should unite and work on solving this problem”, — wrote the artist accompanied its publication with the hashtag #BlackLivesMatter.

Comments noted that in his youth, Wahlberg himself has committed a crime motivated by racism. Users started to upload screenshots from Wikipedia, which States that in 1986 he and his friends chased a group of black kids throwing rocks at them and shouting the phrase “Kill the nigger!” Then the actor got a restraining order and could go to prison if you re crimes of intolerance.

Some users felt that Wahlberg was worth the financial support of the movement against racism and not to Express their opinions in social networks. They are also outraged that the actor has not apologized for the actions committed in his youth.

Informed criticism faced actress Emma Watson, who in their social networks supported the campaign against racism. Its members felt that the artist could not only publish the black squares in solidarity with black people, but also to help them financially.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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