The beginning of mass protests American city decided to dissolve the police


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The majority of the members of the city Council of Minneapolis, where the incident occurred, initiated mass protests in the United States, stated that they support the dissolution of the police Department of the city. This writes the Politico.

Sunday, June 7, 9 of the 12 members of the city Council announced to the activists of the rally in a city Park that they intend to stop policing. Board member Jeremiah Allison (Jeremiah Ellison) has promised that the Council “dismantle” the Department.

“It is obvious that our system of law enforcement does not ensure the safety of our communities,” said Council President Lisa Bender (Lisa Bender). Bender added that she and eight other members of the Council, joined the rally, determined to end the relationship of the city with the police and “put an end to policing as we know it, and to recreate a system that really will provide us with security.”

A resident of Minneapolis African American George Floyd died on may 25 after during his arrest, the officer pressed a knee against his neck, ignoring the cries of Floyd that he can’t breathe, and continued to hold him after he stopped moving. The death of Floyd provoked mass demonstrations across the USA, including accompanied by disorders.

Community activists for years criticized the police Department Minneapolis “racist and violent culture that resists change”. Last week, Minnesota began an investigation into civil rights violations by the Department. The first concrete changes took place on 5 June in the stipulated agreement in which the city agreed to ban the suffocating grips.

Similar cases of disbanding the police Department had already occurred in American cities: in 2012, in Camden, new Jersey, then the city replaced the new police forces, and in 2000 in Compton, California.

On Saturday, June 6, activists advocating for cuts in funding of the police, staged a protest near the house of mayor Jacob Frey. The mayor of Minneapolis came out to talk with the protesters: “I began to realize its responsibility, his own failure in this.” Answering the question of whether it supports their demands, Frei said: “I do not support the complete abolition of the police Department”.

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