The couple had been married for 65 years and revealed the secret of a long and happy relationship


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The wife of the English town of St Helens, County of Merseyside who have been married for 65 years, revealed the secret to a long and happy relationship. Their words results in the publication the Daily Mail.

88-year-old David Matthews (David Matthews) and his 84-year-old wife Margaret (Margaret) told me that he met in 1954 at the bus stop, while waiting for the bus to the dance club. Margaret is convinced that in those days it was easier to build a long-term relationship, because there was no distracting phones. “It is important to talk with each other is the only way to stay together for many years,” she explained.

“We always found time to chat like any other couple, we had UPS and downs, but we always told each other about their feelings, — said Margaret. — It’s so weird, I always thought that way at all, but when I talk about us to others, they seem surprised. The secret to a long marriage is a Cup of tea and casual conversation”.

David and Margaret were married may 28, 1955. The couple have three children, nine grandchildren and three great-grandchildren. Margaret emphasizes that their relationship had undergone all the hardships due to the fact that they always stayed friends. “It stirs interest. Even now I can give him something and he will say that I’ve never heard this story, she said. — We always have something to talk about, and I love him for it. From time to time I like to gossip”.

In the age of technology, mobile phones and various social networks has become more difficult to build relationships, says Margaret. “I’m glad that in my youth I didn’t have Facebook, she says. — Perhaps I would have stuck to the phone at the bus stop and would never have met David. I am so happy I met him.”

Last year a couple from North East Lincolnshire, UK, celebrated 60 years of wedding anniversary and revealed the secret to a happy marriage. Husband thinks that in a relationship it is important to accept and respect differences in the personalities of the partners. The woman believes it’s all about love.

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