The first channel is explained showing the protests in US after the finale of “Brother 2”


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First channel stated that the show staff with the recent protests and riots in the U.S. the song “goodbye, America” is in no way affiliated with the credits of the film “Brother 2”, which was not broadcast. Such an explanation a press-service channel gave edition of “Rise”.

Comments in the channel stressed that the fragments of the USA was the first story of “Time” and not the credits of the film. The message First said that they didn’t show the final credits of all movies, and many other channels.

“In the case of “Brother 2″ and its 20-year anniversary we thought it important to mention two main creators of this film — Sergey Bodrov and Alexei Balabanov. Titles with their names the movie was over,” — said the press service. The representative of the channel said that if the audience has any allusions when watching the story broadcast news immediately after the movie, it means that “real creativity and 20 years later is still relevant”.

Sunday, June 7, the First channel showed a film “Brother 2” Alexey Balabanov. The final credits of the film was replaced by video from the protests in the U.S. the song “goodbye, America” the group “Nautilus Pompilius”.

In dozens of U.S. cities a few days, held a protest against police violence over the death of security guard George Floyd as a result of gross’s arrest in Minneapolis. Some of the demonstrations are accompanied by riots, clashes with police, looting, looting and riots.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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