The guest washed the dishes in the bride’s ring before the wedding, out of envy to her


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Anonymous the bride complained to the guest that she ruined her diamond ring before the wedding. Her words quoted by the Daily Star portal.

The heroine of the material told me how to transfer the decoration to the best man of the groom a few days before the ceremony, so he kept it in perfect condition and brought to the ceremony. However, during the celebration it turned out that his wife of having put on a ring and doing it with household chores, including washing dishes.

“Yes, very beautiful ring, isn’t it? I wore it around the house and even dish soap, so it looks so clean,” said the visitor, surrounded by other attendees and the guest of honor.

The bride admitted that was silent in that moment, however, was “enraged” by what he heard. “How dare she wear my ring, if it belongs to her, and to wash it with the dishes? I think she did it, because what she liked was my” she said, noting that after the wedding, complained to many friends about this situation.

In may, the bride asked a friend to change the appearance for the wedding and was cursed by network users. It turned out that the birthday girl turned to the visitor with a request to change your hair color and hide the tattoos so that they matched the “color palette” of the event.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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