The largest publishing house left Russia


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Publishing house Bauer Media Group, which produces in Russia magazine “Secrets of the stars” and “Oracle”, changed the ownership structure. According to “Kommersant”, the German company went out of business and the result left Russia.

According to the Director of Bauer Media Group in Russia Alexey Ivanov, the German founders left the company, she now belongs to him and the Executive Director of the Muse of Manas: in proportions of 60 and 40 percent, respectively. The amount of the transaction Ivanov did not disclose. He said that the source of steel “non-credit money.” The company plans to rename the publishing house will be able to use the name of the Bauer Media Group until 2021.

According to the report of Rospechat in 2019, Bauer Media Group is the largest audience of the publishing house in Russia. It includes 86 books in the categories about the stars, about the useful tips about health, magazines, stories, non-fiction, cooking, children’s and entertainment. Among them: “Secrets of the stars”, “Stars and tips”, “All for woman”, “people’s Council”, “the holiday season”, “Your family doctor”, “Two”, “Oracle”, “Archives of the twentieth century”, the “Fabulous patrol”, “Teschin language”, “son-in-law” and “777”.

Members of the publishing market believe that the reason of recession of interest of foreign investors in the economic situation and political risks in Russia. One of the interlocutors in the market also said that investors from abroad there is no guarantee that the share of foreigners in the media in the future will not limit even more. From 2016, foreigners are prohibited to be established in the media and have more than 20 per cent in their equity. In this regard, the Russian market has left a large German publishing house Axel Springer, which published in Forbes Russia, OK! GEO and Gala.

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