The model showed the flaws of the body in linen and confessed to retouch buttocks at the old pictures


www.vsyako.netHelen Flanaganthe: @hjgflanagan

British actress and model Helen Flanagan (Helen Flanagan) shared a series of candid shots and confessed that in the past increased the buttocks using photoshop for social media posts. The corresponding record appeared in her Instagram account.

29-year-old model starred in pink and blue lace set lingerie brand Pour Moi and demonstrated the imperfections of your body. The footage Flanagan hair wrapped in a white towel. “I have cellulite, I have a flat butt. I fotocopie her in the pictures because of insecurity,” he signed it publication. Also, the celebrity noted that he had ceased to edit pictures to be an example for their daughters.

Members admired the appearance kind of Flanagan and thanked her for her honesty. “You look beautiful. Thanks for this post!”, “You don’t need photoshop, because you are incredible!”, “You’re beautiful outside and inside!”, “This is the best post I’ve ever seen!” commented they are a publication that scored over 70 thousand likes.

In June, she began to upload photos of the flaws of your body without photoshop and famous. Modificationa blogger king Chessy (Chessie King) shares in your Instagram photos in lingerie in poses, demonstrating the irregularities of the skin folds of fat and cellulite. “It really makes life easier and gives confidence”, she said.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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