The Russians frightened of cash


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Evgeny Odinokov / RIA Novosti

Cash withdrawals from Bank cards in the first quarter of this year was the most unpopular operation for them. It gave way and non-cash payments and transfers on the cards, writes owned by Grigory Berezkin the RBC.

As follows from statistics of Bank of Russia, from January to March, the volume of cashless payment of goods and services exceeded the cash withdrawals to 500 billion rubles. One of the factors that influenced such a trend, has become the epidemic of the coronavirus. The Russians are scared of paper money, which began to be perceived as carriers of the disease.

Compared to the same period last year, withdrawals in cash at ATMs grew by 8.7 percent, but the volume of cashless transactions increased by 30 percent.

Thus of all the card transactions, the total volume of 23 trillion rubles, cash withdrawal accounted for 27.8%, payment cards — 30.5 percent and transfers — 41.7 per cent.

Chairman of the Board, National payments Council Alma Obaev also did not rule out that the decrease in popularity of cash influenced by the requests of the authorities to the people over 65 years of age not to leave the house. The elderly are often taken from the card money. In April, as noted by banks, the trend only intensified as the volume of the withdrawn cash has decreased by tens of percent.

Earlier in may it became known that since mid-April in Russia recorded a record demand for cash. The experts differed in the estimates, what was the reason of such dynamics, since the assumption about the actions of the citizens is not confirmed.

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