The Russians have listed the worst habits of the chiefs



Twitter users shared stories of unpleasant superiors, with whom he had to work. In the comments under the post girl with the nickname Natasha the Translator, the Russians have listed the worst habits of their leaders.

“I was one that liked to call employees into a meeting in his office and sit there to smoke aikos (heating up tobacco, when the reaction of emitting an odor. — approx. “Of the”), “complained the author of the publication. To other users it is suggested to remember about their horrible bosses, but was asked to describe the actions without the names.

“Honestly, that women is paying 20 percent less, as they do not work. But to recruit mostly women,” — said Eugene Lzdn. She added that the supervisor was eating someone else’s food from the fridge, paid 11, not 12 salaries per year and believed that employees don’t need a weekend.

User “kill yourself with a hammer” said that the head nurse, which had previously worked and demanded to come even with the temperature. The situation was complicated by the fact that she worked with people who are on a ventilator, “which one ajar window can pneumonia six months down”. The wearer “Bernard I will eat your bees” complained that her former boss was loudly listening to Rammstein, played Counter-Strike and forced the subordinate to sit with his daughter.

“I was the one that brought me to tears in the workplace, constantly criticized, insulted, treated like a slave, even though I was assistant Director,” wrote Cyberdash. The girl added that one day just left work in the middle of the day and never returned. Then she learned that her former supervisor was removed and sold to porn with my wife, and told former colleagues.

Earlier in may, the Reddit users remember about the most common misconceptions in captivity which were in childhood. For example, one of the participants of the thread have shared that as a child, was confident that under the floor of buildings no land, only nothingness.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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