The Russians sought to restrict the ex-wife of parental rights due to gay son



The inhabitant of one of regions of Russia for more than a year suing his ex-wife, demanding that her limited parental rights due to the fact that her eldest son is openly gay. The courts sided with the mother, the regional authorized on the rights of the child on the father’s side, according to the “Russian LGBT network”.

The man went to court in February 2019. In his claim, he noted that the eldest son of the woman who lives separately from the mother, does not hide his sexual orientation and thereby allegedly adversely affects his younger children: their morality and health.

In August of the same year, the court of first instance sided with the ex-wife and ruled that the homosexuality of one of the children cannot be the reason for the restriction of parental rights. The Russians filed the second suit and wanted his child to live with him. In may 2020, the court refused to do this.

At the same time on the side of the Russians stood responsible for the rights of the child, but her name was not called. Man joined with the children’s Ombudsman in correspondence, and in response, she supported him, saying that “there is a serious risk that children, dealing with her half-brother, can acquire non-traditional sexual behavior.” Responsible for the rights of the child has relied on the opinion of “many scholars” that “homosexuality is a mental disease”.

Lawyer “Russian LGBT network” Alexander Belik said that the law of sexual orientation can not be considered a basis for the court decision, if we are not talking about crimes of hate.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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