The woman found the secret wives and 13 children husband, a polygamist and added 32 kilograms


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The British resident of Edinburgh who have recovered to 32 kilograms after her husband turned out to be a fraudster and polygamist, has found a way to lose weight. Her story, told newspaper Metro.

Mary Turner Thomson (Mary Turner Thomson) met an American named William on the Internet. Just three weeks he proposed to her. They got married and lived together for six years. The man convinced her that working for the CIA, and from time to time went to months-long trip. One day she had to sell the apartment and all the property to collect 250 thousand dollars, which, according to her husband being demanded by the Blackmailers, which threatened to kidnap her children.

This continued up until Mary Thomson has not yet found one woman who was injured from the actions of William. Stories about the CIA and the Blackmailers turned out to be fiction. In fact, William hid two wives, with whom he met during his “business trips”, 13 children, six women and a conviction for a sexual offence. He later went to jail for bigamy, fraud, and violations related to firearms.

It was a heavy blow for Mary Thompson. “After six years with a psychopath I lost it all, left without a home with two children in the neck,” she recalled. From the sadness the woman was fat to 120 kilos. To get rid of weight was not easy. “I tried different diets, but none worked, she recalls. In the end I gave up and thought that now I will always be this size”.

Mary Thomson still managed to lose weight using the program Second Nature, we offer the British National health system. She began to walk, reduced the number of carbohydrates in the diet and after a week began to weigh 4.5 kilograms less. After 12 weeks, women have developed new eating habits and her weight decreased by 12.7 kilograms.

In 2018, it was reported about the three girls from the Chinese city of Nanning, which found that seeing the same man. He used different names and under fraudulent pretexts borrowed large sums of money.

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