The world’s tallest dog has set a new record


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In the English County of Norfolk great Dane named Freddy, has earned the title of the tallest dog in the world, has set a new record. According to the Daily Mail, the Guinness Book of records considered it the oldest representative of this breed.

May 17, Freddy and his sister Fleur, who was born a minute later, was eight years old. For this reason the owner of the dog, Claire Stoneman (Stoneman Claire) gave their Pets holiday party. She hung around the plot of greeting ribbons and balloons, ordered a dog cake decorated with bones, and organized the photo shoot.

“Freddy and Fleur had such a great time. We have decorated for them the garden. That day they got a bunch of tasty treats and plush toys”, said the owner.

Freddy was lucky enough twice to get into the Guinness Book of records. The great Dane was the tallest dog in the world. His height at the withers reaches 1,035 meters. Now the pet has become the champion and long-lasting. Representatives of the Guinness Book of world records say that Freddy is the oldest great Dane. Stoneman plans to apply for formal confirmation of this status.

“I try to bring them for a walk early in the morning, that we are not attacked passers-by. The surrounding are always surprised by their size, and some even scared. Say I’m walking down the street the horse!” — said the mistress Freddy and Fleur.

According to Stoneman, on the morning of her Pets eat food with chopped beef, and evening food with the fried chicken. Also during the day the British indulge them in treats. Such a diet costs her 500 pounds (43,4 thousand) monthly.

“I am very happy that Freddy is so much lived and still with us. I constantly indulge and the last time I allow him everything he wants! I have never had children, so Freddy and Fleur are my children,” she said.

Earlier it was reported that Australian poodle named Nori became famous on the Internet for its unusual appearance. Netizens claim that the dog’s face resembles a human face.

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